About Us

PLAC’s bill tracking system is an online platform for tracking the status and progression of bills through the legislative process in the National Assembly.
It is developed with the aim of making legislative information available to the public. With our bill status tracking system users are able to do the following:

  • Access the status and full text of bills, including bill summaries and analysis.
  • Find bills by using search parameters such as the chamber in question (Senate or House), committee, subject, stage, keywords, sponsor, subject or bill number, that return a list from which you may select bills.
  • Search and view each bill's title, sponsor(s), committee assignment, analysis, amendments, and most recent action through the search box or individual profile page of each bill.
  • Sign up for updates and alerts by clicking on the indicated buttons and receive email notification when bills are introduced or progresses through the stages.
Our bill tracking platform is freely available. A summary of the National Assembly’s bill process is available to enlighten users on the various stages a bill passes through to become law.
Note: While PLAC endeavors to disseminate accurate and up-to-date information as much as possible on this platform, it is not the official Bill Progression Status/Chart of the National Assembly. Also note that Bills are uploaded as gazzetted by the National Assembly.
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